How to apply for jobs online at the City of Ottawa 

If you are a City of Ottawa employee, please select Employee profile located in the top right corner of your screen.

Create your account

Your online account is used to search and apply to City of Ottawa career opportunities.

From your account you will be able to:

  • Sign up for job alerts
  • Build, save and modify a candidate profile for job applications
  • Track the progress of job applications
  • Review and accept a job offer

Create your profile

Your candidate profile allows you to:

  • Store your information securely
  • Apply to positions without having to re-enter your resume details for each competition
  • Set up job alerts to receive email notifications of new employment opportunities
  • Tailor your candidate profile for job applications
  • Track the progress of your applications
  • Review and accept a job offer

Apply to a job

A job application is a formal summary of your education, experience, and skills. It helps the City managers determine if you would be a good fit for the position you are interested on and if so, to schedule an interview.

What is an online profile? 

A profile is an online resume that is used to search and apply for City of Ottawa career opportunities. Your profile includes your: 

  1. Personal data 
  2. Education/Training 
  3. Work/Volunteer experience 
  4. Designations, professional memberships and other trainings
  5. Language proficiency

Once you have created your profile, you can update it at any time. 

Why should I build a profile?  

Your online profile stores your information securely , saving you from having to fill in your resume details each time you want to apply for a position. 

You may also check the status of the competitions you apply to and set up job alerts to receive e-mail notifications of new employment opportunities. 

Is my information safe? Who can access it?  

Yes, your information is safe. Only Human Resources and hiring managers are able to view information relevant to the job applications you submit using your profile. 

You may also refer to the City of Ottawa's Privacy Statement. 

What is a job alert? 

A Job Alert sends you an e-mail notification any time a job that you may be interested in is posted. 

How to create job alerts?

Login to your account on city-jobs homepage – Go to “My accounts”- Click on “Options”- Select “job alerts” – click on “Create job alert”.

How many job alerts can I create?  

There is no limit to the number of Job Alerts you can create. 

After creating a Job Alert, you may select the frequency of the notifications that you receive (i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly).  

How long do my job alerts remain active?  

Your Job Alerts remain active until you deactivate or delete them. 

Can I modify my job alerts? 

 You can modify each Job alert at any time.