• Leadership competencies

    The City has defined key competencies that leaders are expected to embody and demonstrate to successfully move the organization towards meeting its strategic objectives and create an organizational culture that supports and empowers employees to excel, grow and reach their full potential. These leadership competencies and associated behaviours are expected to be demonstrated by leaders at all levels of the organization.

Strategic leadership

Sets and implements the strategic direction, understands internal and external trends, the political sensitivities of the organization and applies this knowledge to support the long-term vision and success of the City.

Demonstrates business sense

Understands the impact of decisions on the business and the ability to strive to improve business performance. It requires an awareness of business issues, processes and outcomes as they impact the community, the City’s strategic direction and the City’s reputation.

Builds collaborative relationships

Proactively communicates, builds and utilizes professional relationships and partnerships with all internal and external stakeholders.

Fosters innovation and change

Develops an environment which embraces innovation, and efficiently integrates change into the organization.

Engages employees

Leads, coaches, mentors and develops an engaged, diverse workforce of individuals and teams, where work is performed in a safe, and respectful environment and successes are recognized and celebrated regularly.

Delivers results

Creates effective plans and performance measures, holds themselves and others accountable for measurable, high quality, timely and cost-effective results.

Client centric focus    

Serves the client interest through focusing individual, team and organization effort on identifying and meeting key and diverse client needs. The term “client” includes both internal and external clients.