New Recruit Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to get an OACP certificate to apply?

No. Candidates are no longer required to provide an OACP certificate. If a candidate progresses through the process, they will be required to provide a valid PREP test. Please visit our sworn hiring process page for details.

Will I automatically get an interview?

No. The Constable Selection Process is competitive. Applicants' files are reviewed and assessed for the ability to meet the Ottawa Police Service's organizational needs.

How long does it take to get hired?

Each year the Ottawa Police Service hires new recruits according to the timelines of the Ontario Police College class schedule. Typically, we hire 3 times per year (April, August and December). We received a high volume of candidates and do our best to process every application in a timely manner.

Do I get paid while I am in training?

Yes! New recruits are considered employees of the Ottawa Police Service and are paid once they begin training.

Do I have to find my own living accommodations while attending Police College?

No. Living accommodations are provided to all new recruits attending the college for the duration of the 13-week training period, including weekends.

How long will I be at the Police College?

The training at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario is for a period of 13 weeks.

Do I require a diploma from Police Foundations or Law and Security programs to apply or be hired by the Ottawa Police Service?

No. You do not require Police Foundations or Law and Security courses/diplomas to be considered for employment as a police constable. As of January 1, 2021 post-secondary education is required. To determine if you meet the educational requirements, please refer to the Ontario Police Services Act.


Experienced Officer Frequently Asked Questions (General)


Is my pension transferrable?

For all questions pertaining to your pension, please refer to You may be able to transfer some or all of this service into OMERS. 

Will my previous years of experience count towards the Responsibility Allowance (3, 6, 9)?

No. In accordance with the Kaplan arbitration award, only the years you accrue with the Ottawa Police Service will be attributed to your Responsibility Allowance.

When am I eligible to compete in the promotional process?

You must have seven (7) years total service and at least two (2) years with OPS as a sworn officer.

Are my moving expenses covered by the Ottawa Police Service?

No. Please refer to for personal deduction options.

I am a Military Police Officer. Do I qualify as an experienced officer?

No. Unfortunately Military Police Officers are required to apply as a new recruit.